Hai Holder! Seulamat Trôk Teuka bak Wikipèdia Bahsa Acèh!

Kamoë meuharap, Droëneuh neutém bantu teumuléh bak Wikipèdia nyoë. Bèk yo bak neuteumuléh, neutuléh laju peuë-peuë nyang jeuët, bèk yo salah. Meung nyo payah bak neubôh cingkunèk, hana peuë neubôh saré. Tapi, adak jeuët neu’ôseuha bôh.

Keu tanda jaroë bak ôn peugah haba, neunguy tanda geulumbang 4 go ( ~~~~ ).

Bèk tuwoë neupeuturi droë bak ôn ureuëng nguy-neuh. Meung nyo na nyang hana neutu’oh, neupeugah laju bak kamoë.

Seulamat neuteumuléh!

Welcome to Acehnese Wikipedia. Don't speak Acehnese?

Mikhailov Kusserow 06:22, 31 Buleuën Limong 2011 (UTC)

Local filesPeusaneut 24 Buleuën Nam 2016 06.45 (UTC)

Done. @unused files: I've deleted all files without licences but the others are cropped pictures from files on commons with correct licences. So I see no need to delete them. Best regards. --Holder (marit) 24 Buleuën Nam 2016 07.21 (UTC)
Thanks a lot. More at the 2nd and 3rd place. 24 Buleuën Nam 2016 08.07 (UTC)
Done. --Holder (marit) 24 Buleuën Nam 2016 09.18 (UTC)
Thanks a lot. Kusuih:DapeutaBeureukaih - the text files have no free license. The related articles are about the Quran. Quran is in public domain. If these files are copyrighted they need a use rational. If they are meant to be there to identify the topic, like a CD cover, company logo etc, then it violates wmf:Resolution:Licensing policy : "An EDP may not allow material where we can reasonably expect someone to upload a freely licensed file for the same purpose", as there could be free alternatives. Also several of the other files have no free license and no use rational. 28 Buleuën Nam 2016 06.58 (UTC)
As fair use is not allowed in Indonesia I've deleted all the files. --Holder (marit) 28 Buleuën Nam 2016 07.25 (UTC)