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Bèk Peuhina Islam
Syèëdara-syèëdara meutuwah, mandum ureuëng Islam, bèk sagai tapeuhina Islam, agama nyang beutôi nyang ka geuangkèë lé Poteuh Allah ta'ala. Le that peukara nyang jeuët keu peuhina Islam, salah sabohjih nakeuh tapeugot gamba atawa kartun para nabi ngon rasul, leubèh-leubèh lom Nabi geutanyoë, Muhammad al-Mushthafa saw.

Soë-soë mantong ureuëng nyang na peugèt gamba-gamba nyan, nyang pasoë atawa la'én nibak nyan, nakeuh saboh dèësya nyang cukôp that rayek. Hana beunalah seula'én nibak neuraka Jahannam, meunyo han jitèëbat.

Mungkén Allah ka geuujoë iman geutanyoë 'oh na tingkat ka, peuë ék h'an tapeureumeuën atawa padôli, meunyo agama Allah ka jitacah-tacah, jiblôh-blôh atawa jigilho le ureuëng nyang banci keu Islam...?

Mantong geukheun maksiët, meudèësya sidroë-droë ureuëng meunyo jiteupeuë na buët-buët hareuëm nyang jipeubuët lé ureuëng tapi hana jitham, jiteugah.

lé: Abi Azkia

Jangan Menghina Islam
Saudara-saudara yang mulia, semua orang Islam, tidak diperbolehkan untuk menghina Islam, agama yang benar yang telah diakui oleh tuhan kita Allah ta'ala. Sangat banyak perkara yang dapat menghina Islam, salah satunya adalah kita membuat gambar atau kartun para nabi dan rasul, lebih-lebih lagi nabi kita, Muhammad saw.

Siapa saja yang membuat gambar-gambar tersebut, yang memuatnya ataupun selain daripada itu, adalah sebuah dosa yang amat besar. Tidak ada balasan selain neraka Jahannam, apabila dia tidak bertaubat.

Mungkin Allah sedang menguji iman kita sejauh manakah sudah, apakah sanggup kita tidak peduli apabila agama Allah sudah dilumat-lumat, ditendang-tendang ataupun diinjak oleh orang yang benci kepada Islam...?

Masih dikatakan maksiat, berdosa seseorang apabila dia mengetahui perbuatan-perbuatan yang haram yang dilakukan oleh orang tetapi ia tidak melarang dan tidak mencegahnya.

Do Not Insult Islam
Noble brothers and sisters, all muslims, should never insult Islam, the right religion which has been admitted by our God, Allah ta'ala. Many actions can be considered insulting to Islam, one of which is to make pictures or cartoons of the prophets and apostles, and especially our prophet, Muhammad pbuh.

Anyone who creates or publishes such drawings, or things similar to those, is committing a grave sin. The penalty is none other than the hell of Jahannam, if that person does not repent.

Maybe Allah is testing our faith, to what extent do we still not care if the religion of Allah is pulverized, kicked, or stepped on by people who detest Islam ...?

It is still called sinful, if a person knew that haram (forbidden) acts were being performed by others, but does not try to stop nor prevent it.

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Rejection of poll

  • --Church of emacs 14:33, 18 Buleuën Tujôh 2010 (UTC) This is not a matter that should be subject to a poll. NPOV is a core principle of all Wikipedia projects and while it may be difficult to accept, I urge you to try understand that position.
  • --Nemo 14:57, 18 Buleuën Tujôh 2010 (UTC)
  • --Excirial 15:14, 18 Buleuën Tujôh 2010 (UTC)
  • --Manuelt15 07:05, 19 Buleuën Tujôh 2010 (UTC)
  • --Taichi 07:35, 19 Buleuën Tujôh 2010 (UTC) Wikipedia is a universal project, this situation must be end because is technically a sequestration and a sabbotage.
  • This should be in form of discussion, participate comment request on Meta-Wiki. --Juhko (talk | contribs) 17:15, 23 Buleuën Tujôh 2010 (UTC)
  • NPOV is non-negotiable. Anyone who disagrees and finds their religious views prevents them from complying with that policy should simply not contribute any further to WMF projects. Also, I note that checkuser has confirmed some of the accounts which have voted in support are almost certainly sockpuppets therefore the reality is that there probably isn't a strong support for this as the poll suggests and it shouldn't be considered reliable. Adambro 15:14, 15 Buleuën Lapan 2010 (UTC)
  • The proposal is contrary to the mission statement and the global NPOV policy. Note that also the WMF has a strong stand against censorship. --AFBorchert 12:31, 15 Buleuën Lapan 2010 (UTC)

No to all

  • I am a Turk and Muslim. But, no "support" no "oppose" , and no "rejection of poll" ! --Kmoksy 18:08, 23 Buleuën Tujôh 2010 (UTC)
  • I'm French and chistian, and I don't see a question, just delusion of an integrist ban user. And I don't understand how it is related with Wikipedia... --Hercule 01:46, 27 Buleuën Lapan 2010 (UTC)