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All Acehnese Wikipedians is support Si Gam Aceh. لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله.‏ اللهم انصر من نصر الدين الاسلام. و صلى الله على محمد، آله و اصحابه. آمين.
‏~‏[[Ureuëng Nguy:Abi Azkia|Abi Azkia]]
==Bèk Peu hina Islam==
[[Bèk Peu hina Islam]] and [[Éseulam]] both crosswiki to articles on Islam on other pages. This may break incoming links when the interwiki-link robots find it. You might want to correct this, since it will cause problems on this wiki.
Also, what does [[Bèk Peu hina Islam]] say? [[Ureuëng Nguy:Kylu|Kylu]] 04:57, 18 Buleuën Tujôh 2010 (UTC)