The Acehnese Wikipedia is predominately used by people who follow the Acehnese culture. Unlike Wikipedias which have varieties of contributors from many ethnic groups (including, but not limited to, the English and Indonesian Wikipedias), the Acehnese Wikipedia does exclude images that are considered nudity and/or obscene according to Acehnese culture. The Wikimedia Foundation allows individual projects to make local decisions as long as they do not interfere with the foundation's core principles. The Acehnese cultural view of modesty differs from views of modesty from other cultures in Indonesia and around the world.

An image of a human male should show the area between his navel and knee covered. An image of a human female (of any cultural or religious background or time period) who is post-puberty should have her arms, legs, and feet covered. The image should also have her hair covered. Her face and hands do not need to be covered.

  • Suggested images that are in compliance could include babushka headscarves, Islamic veils/hijab, anoraks/parkas/skisuits, and/or hooded sweatshirts with the hood pulled up.
  • One could also crop the image so the face, but not the hair is visible. - Upload a cropped version to the Acehnese Wikipedia, and link to the full commons image so attribution is given

An image of a human female who is pre-pubescent (generally before age 12) should follow the directions used for a human male. That also means images or other visual depictions of human genitalia/sexual positions are not allowed, even in articles about those subjects. Remember that Acehnese Wikipedia must follow copyright laws of the United States, as its servers are located there. So please do not upload a copyrighted image just because it follows what is above. Please make sure the image is freely licensed.

How to crop an imagePeusaneut

These instructions explain how to crop an image to make it compliant with the Acehnese Wikipedia awrah policy

If you use Windows Vista/7

  • Save the image to your hard drive
  • Go to the image, right click -> "Open With" -> "Windows Photo Gallery"
  • In Windows Photo Gallery, go to "Fix"
  • Go to "Crop Picture" and crop - drag the box until it covers the non-awrah area
  • Hit "Apply" and then close the window to save changes