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Infobox neugaraPeusaneut

Meunyo bak até lôn, infobox neugara barô tabôh meunyo asoë teunuléhjih ka panyang. Meunyo asoë teunuléh mantöng bacut hana lagak deuhjih. Pakriban bak droëneuh? -- Si Gam (marit) 1 Buleuën Lhèë 2015 07.01 (UTC)

Bak lôn hana pu, bang. Han meujan ta prèh teunuléh lagèe nyan teuka panyang. Adak pih mantöng paneuk, ta bôh infobox laju mangat hi na ta hiröe. Lheuh nyan kadang ta peupanyang teunuléh nyan meubacut-bacut sapoe.   rachmatwhd marit 1 Buleuën Lhèë 2015 10.43 (UTC)

Translating the interface in your language, we need your helpPeusaneut

Hello Rwhd, thanks for working on this wiki in your language. We updated the list of priority translations and I write you to let you know. The language used by this wiki (or by you in your preferences) needs about 100 translations or less in the priority list. You're almost done!
Untuk menambah atau mengubah terjemahan pada semua wiki, mohon gunakan, proyek pelokalan MediaWiki.

Please register on if you didn't yet and then help complete priority translations (make sure to select your language in the language selector). With a couple hours' work or less, you can make sure that nearly all visitors see the wiki interface fully translated. Nemo 26 Buleuën Peuët 2015 14.06 (UTC)

GoogleTrans gadget (Google translation does not support Achenise)Peusaneut

Hi there,

Si Gam has suggested I write you, since he does not understand all that I am saying:

Thanks for putting the GoogleTrans gadget on the acewiki.

Unfortunately, Google Translate does not translate Achinese.

It does succeed in translating banjar (

The gadget is not working on the Buginese wiki as well (

You can check at en:Google_Translate to see when Achinese will be translated by Google Translation.

Sundanese and Javanese (as well as Indonesian) are currently translated by Google Translation.

Wikipedia is committed to building up the local languages in the Wikipedia, so I will definitely be checking for Achinese support and will contact you when it does.

Endo999 (marit) 3 Buleuën Limöng 2015 04.14 (UTC)

Easiest way to support GoogleTrans gadgetPeusaneut

Hi there,

Your current javascript in the GoogleTrans gadget file on the acewiki I am having trouble supporting.

The easiest way to install the GoogleTrans gadget now is to put this single line in your gadget file:


This way when Achinese is supported then the GoogleTrans gadget will be useful to your wiki readers.

It's possible that some other regional Indonesian language will be supported in the future and this will allow Achinese to be supported as well (due to their linguistic similarities).

Banjar is like this.

Thanks for creating the GoogleTrans gadget file, and good luck with the acewiki.

Endo999 (marit) 3 Buleuën Limöng 2015 04.14 (UTC)

Hi, @Endo999:, I've modified the gadget and here the changes I made: see here. Please let me know if I made mistake. Thanks. Rachmat - m 3 Buleuën Limöng 2015 16.13 (UTC)

Thanks for putting the gadget up. It is working, but unfortunately Google does not yet support Achinese. I'll let you know when it does support some language that is like Achinese.

Endo999 (marit) 6 Buleuën Limöng 2015 06.39 (UTC)

Thank you. Rachmat - m 6 Buleuën Limöng 2015 12.31 (UTC)

Names of Wikimedia LanguagesPeusaneut

Dear Rwhd,

we are initiating a long needed action - we would like to translate names of all Wikimedia languages to all Wikimedia languages in the next two months. We have noticed that you are active on Wikipedia bahsa Acèh and that is the reason why we are taking liberty to contact you.

We hope that you would be interesting to help us in our endeavor - To make this action easier we have already prepared the list of all Wikimedia languages, and for each language we have already prepared the page with existing and missing translations. So when you go to the page for your language you would have two tasks - to check whether existing translations are OK and to fill in the missing one. The more detailed instruction are on the language page.

What are the benefits of this work?

  • We believe it is about time to have all Wikimedia languages translated to all Wikimedia languages :)
  • Translated languages will be parsed into Wiktionary and the resulting number of Wiktionary entries will be significant for each language. That could significantly increase the number of entries for less developed Wiktionaries, and improve the quality of entries in general. We are aware that there is no Wiktionary in your language, (yet ;)) but your contribution would influence other Wiktionaries.
  • Wikidata - this would be great contribution to Wikidata.
  • All other projects could benefit from this list (Wiki Travel :)), as we believe that certain amount of terms has to be properly translated to all languages.

We are gathered around the project Wiktionary Meets Matica Srpska and we hope that you would be interesting in working with us! If you have any questions you can ask them on the Names of Wikimedia languages discussion page or via personal emails.

Important notice: The data are licensed under CC0, as they should be incorporated into Wikidata at the end of the process.

If you don’t want to receive future announcement about the project, please leave a note on discussion page.

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you! team

Godzzzilica (marit) 19 Buleuën Limöng 2015 13.51 (UTC)

MediaWiki 1.26 requires change to gadget definition filePeusaneut

wiki 1.26 requires a change to


to support gadgets. The enwiki version, which is working fine, has this entry in the above file for GoogleTrans:

  • GoogleTrans[ResourceLoader]|GoogleTrans.js

(That bullet mark above is actually an asterick)

Endo999 (marit) 11 Buleuën Sikureuëng 2015 03.20 (UTC)

Thank you for your notification! Please take a look at what I have changed to MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition here: changes. 👨 Rachmat - m 11 Buleuën Sikureuëng 2015 07.07 (UTC)
The file looks good. Thanks for attending to this. Endo999 (marit) 11 Buleuën Sikureuëng 2015 21.18 (UTC)


hi, i like to create all iran Propinsi, now is create Seunaleuëk:Propinsi_di_Iran , if not have problem, tell me to create all 31 Propinsi articles , thanks --فلورانس (marit) 6 Buleuën Siplôh 2015 23.36 (UTC)

If you don't mind, please fix Template:Propinsi di Iran as my edit here.
There's no way to create them all at once, except you have to do it manually. 👨 Rachmat - m 7 Buleuën Siplôh 2015 02.12 (UTC)
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