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Shiri Maimon
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Shiri Maimon
Shiri Maimon
'''Irak''' nakeuh saboh nanggroë di [[Asia Barat]] nyang meuceuë ngön [[Turuki]] di utara, [[Iran]] di timu, [[Kuwait]] di tunggara, [[Arab Saudi]] di seulatan, [[Yordania]] di barat daya ngon [[Suriah]] di barat. Nang nanggroëjih nakeuh [[Baghdad]] nyang teuduëk bak teungöh nanggroë.
Background information
Birth name Shiri Maimon
Born 17 May 1981 (age 33)
Kiryat Haim, Israel
Genres pop, soul, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer, actress
Years active 2003–present
Labels Helicon
Website Official site
Shiri Maimon (Hebrew: שירי מימון‎; born 17 May 1981) is an Israeli pop/R&B singer, TV show host and actress, who rose to fame as the runner-up in the TV show Kokhav Nolad. She represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005.
As of 2013, Shiri is also serving as one of the four judges of the first season of The X Factor Israel.[1]
Early life
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Drake (rapper)
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Drake performing at Ottawa Bluesfest in 2010
Born Aubrey Drake Graham
October 24, 1986 (age 28)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Residence Hidden Hills, California, U.S.[1]
Rapper singer actor songwriter
Years active 2001–present
Larry Graham (uncle)
Teenie Hodges (uncle)
Musical career
Hip hop R&B
Universal Motown Young Money Cash Money Republic OVO Sound
Associated acts
Birdman Young Money 2 Chainz Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj Rihanna Rick Ross The Weeknd
Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986),[2] who records under the mononym Drake, is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, and actor. He was born in Toronto, Ontario.[3] He first garnered recognition for his role as Jimmy Brooks on the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation. He later rose to prominence as a rapper, releasing several mixtapes like Room for Improvement before signing to Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment in June 2009.[4]
Drake's EP, So Far Gone (2009), spawned the hit single "Best I Ever Had" and the moderate hit "Successful". His first studio album, Thank Me Later (2010), debuted at number one on the Billboard 200[5] and generated notable singles, "Over" and "Find Your Love". It was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). His second album, Take Care (2011), is his most successful to date, topping charts in the United States and Canada and producing multiple hit singles, including "Headlines", "Take Care", "Make Me Proud", and "The Motto", the last of which is also credited for popularizing the widely used acronym YOLO. In promotion of Take Care, Drake embarked on the worldwide Club Paradise Tour, which became the most successful hip-hop tour of 2012, grossing over $42 million.[6] His third studio album Nothing Was the Same was released on September 24, 2013. It has so far been supported by the singles "Started from the Bottom" and "Hold On, We're Going Home".
Drake has sold over 5 million albums worldwide.[7] His work has earned him a Grammy Award, three Juno Awards, six BET Awards, and set several significant Billboard records. With twelve number-one singles, Drake has more than any other artist on Billboard's Hot Rap Songs chart. With ten number-one singles, he also has more than any other rapper on Billboard '​s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, passing Jay-Z in August 2012.[8] He is one of two artists (the other being 50 Cent) that has simultaneously occupied the chart's top three positions.
Drake, along with being a record producer under the pseudonym C. Papi, has also written songs for other artists, including Alicia Keys ("Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)"), Rita Ora ("R.I.P."), Jamie Foxx and Trey Songz. He featured as a voice actor in Ice Age: Continental Drift as the mammoth Ethan.[9] Drake was tied with Rihanna for the most nominations at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.[10] He was ranked No. 2 on MTV's Hottest MCs in the Game VII list in 2012.[11] Drake became the #1 Rhythmic artist of 2012 based on Mediabase.[12]
Life and career
Toronto Raptors
Concert tours
See also
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Joachim Gauck
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Joachim Gauck
President of Germany
Assumed office
18 March 2012
Chancellor Angela Merkel
Preceded by Christian Wulff
Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records
In office
4 October 1990 – 10 October 2000
President Richard von Weizsäcker
Roman Herzog
Johannes Rau
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Marianne Birthler
Personal details
Born 24 January 1940 (age 75)
Rostock, Germany
Political party New Forum/Alliance 90 (1989–1990)
Independent (1990–present)
Spouse(s) Gerhild Radtke (1959–1991; separated)
Domestic partner Daniela Schadt (2000–present)
Children Christian
Alma mater University of Rostock[1]
Religion Lutheranism[2]
Joachim Gauck (German: [joːˈʔaxiːm ɡaʊ̯k]; born 24 January 1940) is the President of Germany, serving since March 2012. A former Lutheran pastor, he came to prominence as an anti-communist civil rights activist in East Germany.[3][4][5][6]
During the 1989 revolution, he was a co-founder of the New Forum opposition movement in East Germany, which contributed to the downfall of the Soviet-backed dictatorship[7] of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED). In 1990 he served as a member of the only freely elected People's Chamber for the Alliance 90. Following German reunification, he was elected by the Bundestag as the first Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records, serving from 1990 to 2000. As Federal Commissioner, he earned recognition as a "Stasi hunter" and "tireless pro-democracy advocate," exposing the crimes of the communist secret police.[8][9][10][11]
He was nominated as the candidate of the SPD and the Greens for President of Germany in the 2010 election, but lost in the third draw to Christian Wulff, the candidate of the government coalition. His candidacy was met by significant approval of the population and the media; Der Spiegel described him as "the better President"[12] and the Bild called him "the president of hearts."[13][14][15] Later, after Christian Wulff stepped down, Gauck was elected as President with 991 of 1228 votes in the Federal Convention in the 2012 election, as a nonpartisan consensus candidate of the CDU, the CSU, the FDP, the SPD and the Greens.
A son of a survivor of a Soviet Gulag,[16][17][18][19] Gauck's political life was formed by his own family's experiences with totalitarianism. Gauck was a founding signatory of the Prague Declaration on European Conscience and Communism, together with Václav Havel and other statesmen, and the Declaration on Crimes of Communism. He has called for increased awareness of communist crimes in Europe, and for the necessity of delegitimizing the communist era.[3] He is the author and co-author of several books, including The Black Book of Communism. His 2012 book Freedom. A Plea calls for the defense of freedom and human rights around the globe.[20][21] He has been described by Chancellor Angela Merkel as a "true teacher of democracy" and a "tireless advocate of freedom, democracy, and justice."[22] The Wall Street Journal has described him as "the last of a breed: the leaders of protest movements behind the Iron Curtain who went on to lead their countries after 1989."[23] He has received numerous honours, including the 1997 Hannah Arendt Prize.
Childhood and life in East Germany (1940–1989)
Career during and after the Peaceful Revolution of 1989
Political views and reception
2010 presidential candidate
President of Germany
Personal life
Selected publications
External links
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This article is about the modern country. For other uses, see Israel (disambiguation).
State of Israel
מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל (Hebrew)
دَوْلَة إِسْرَائِيل (Arabic)
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: "Hatikvah" (Hebrew)
"The Hope"
and largest city Jerusalem (disputed)
31°47′N 35°13′E
Official languages
Hebrew Arabic
Ethnic groups (2013)
75.3% Jewish
20.7% Arab
Religion None official[1][2][3]
Demonym Israeli
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
- President Reuven Rivlin
- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Legislature Knesset
Independence from Mandatory Palestine under British administration
- Declared 14 May 1948
- Recognition 1 May 1949
- Total 20,770 / 22,072 (153rd) km2
8,019 / 8,522 sq mi
- Water (%) 2.12 (440 km2 / 170 mi2)
- 2014 estimate 8,238,300[4] (96th)
- 2008 census 7,412,200[5] (99th)
- Density 387.63/km2 (34th)
1,004.00/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2014 estimate
- Total $286.840 billion[6]
- Per capita $35,658[6] (25th)
GDP (nominal) 2014 estimate
- Total $305.707 billion [6]
- Per capita $38,004[6] (25th)
Gini (2008) 39.2[7]
medium · 66th
HDI (2013) 0.888[8]
very high · 19th
Currency Israeli new shekel (₪‎) (ILS)
Time zone Israel Standard Time (UTC+2)
- Summer (DST) Israel Summer Time (UTC+3)
Date format
dd-mm-yyyy (CE)
Drives on the right
Calling code +972
ISO 3166 code IL
Internet TLD .il
Israel /ˈɪzreɪəl/, officially the State of Israel (Hebrew: מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל, Medīnat Yisrā'el, IPA: [mediˈnat jisʁaˈʔel] ( ); Arabic: دولة إِسرائيل‎, Dawlat Isrāʼīl, IPA: [dawlat ʔisraːˈʔiːl]), is a country in Western Asia, situated at the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It shares land borders with Lebanon to the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan on the east, the Palestinian territories comprising the West Bank and Gaza Strip[9] on the east and southwest, respectively, and Egypt and the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea to the south. It contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area.[10][11] Israel's financial center is Tel Aviv,[12] while Jerusalem is the country's most populous city and its designated capital, although Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem is not recognized internationally.[note 1][13]
On 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly recommended the adoption and implementation of the Partition Plan for Mandatory Palestine. Borders for a new Jewish state were specified by the UN but ultimately not recognized by either Israel or neighboring countries.[14][15] The end of the British Mandate for Palestine was set for midnight on 14 May 1948. That day, David Ben-Gurion, the Executive Head of the Zionist Organization and president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared "the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel," which would start to function from the termination of the mandate.[16][17][18] Neighboring Arab armies invaded the former Palestinian mandate on the next day and fought the Israeli forces.[19][20] Israel has since fought several wars with neighboring Arab states,[21] in the course of which it has occupied the West Bank, Sinai Peninsula (1956–57, 1967–82), part of South Lebanon (1982–2000), Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights. It extended its laws to the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem, but not the West Bank.[22][23][24][25] Efforts to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict have not resulted in peace. However, peace treaties between Israel and both Egypt and Jordan have successfully been signed. Israel’s occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem is the world's longest military occupation in modern times.[note 2][26]
The population of Israel, as defined by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, was estimated in 2014 to be 8,146,300 people. It is the world's only Jewish-majority state; 6,110,600 citizens, or 75.3% of Israelis, are designated as Jewish. The country's second largest group of citizens are denoted as Arabs, with 1,686,000 people (including the Druze and most East Jerusalem Arabs).[27][28] The great majority of Israeli Arabs are Muslims; the rest are Christians and Druze. Other minorities include Maronites, Samaritans, Dom people, Black Hebrew Israelites, other Sub-Saharan Africans,[29] Armenians, Circassians, Roma and others. Israel also hosts a significant population of non-citizen foreign workers and asylum seekers from Africa and Asia.[30]
In its Basic Laws, Israel defines itself as a Jewish and Democratic State.[31] Israel is a representative democracy[32][33] with a parliamentary system, proportional representation and universal suffrage.[34][35] The Prime Minister serves as head of government and the Knesset serves as Israel's legislative body. Israel is a developed country and an OECD member,[36] with the 43rd-largest economy in the world by nominal gross domestic product as of 2012. The country has the highest standard of living in the Middle East and the fifth highest in Asia,[37] and has the 13th highest life expectancy in the world.[38]
Geography and climate
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== Neuweuëk wilayah ==