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:I think no problem because only one local admin here (me) and my admin flag expires in October. Nut not bad to request local admin flag at all. --[[Ureuëng Nguy:Juhko|Juhko]] <small>([[Marit Ureuëng Nguy:Juhko|talk]] | [[Kusuih:Peuneugot ureueng nguy/Juhko|contribs]])</small> 11:18, 27 Buleuën Lapan 2010 (UTC)
== Bad Image List ==
While it was briefly mentioned in the RFC, there was never really a lot of talk of putting ''those'' images on the Bad Image List so they could not be used on ace.wikipedia.
If you're all still interested in doing so, I'm still willing to help with this. There's information about this on my user page, if your community would prefer to do this without my help. [[Ureuëng Nguy:Kylu|Kylu]] 13:14, 27 Buleuën Lapan 2010 (UTC)