Bida antara revisi nibak "Marit Ureuëng Ngui:Juhko"

:Shortened protect to 3 days like the vandal's block. --[[Ureuëng Nguy:Juhko|Juhko]] <small>([[Marit Ureuëng Nguy:Juhko|talk]] | [[Kusuih:Peuneugot ureueng nguy/Juhko|contribs]])</small> 03:18, 2 Buleuën Lapan 2010 (UTC)
== [[Proposals for closing projects/Closure of Acehnese (2) Wikipedia]] ==
Apparently [[user:Si Gam Acèh|Si Gam Acèh]] hasn't given up and is using socks to try to close your project via sabotage and is approaching vandalism. If that's the sort of person who put the template on your main page, you might want to reconsider if you want it left there.
Good luck. [[Ureuëng Nguy:Kylu|Kylu]] 14:34, 15 Buleuën Lapan 2010 (UTC)