Bida antara revisi nibak "Marit Ureuëng Ngui:Juhko"

:::We can't be part of this community anymore. -- [[Pengguna:Si Gam Acèh|Si Gam Acèh]] <small>([[Pembicaraan Pengguna:Si Gam Acèh|peugah habay]] | [[Istimewa:Kontribusi pengguna/Si Gam Acèh|peuneugöt]])</small>
::::What does closing this project and take off it's information from other 3 million Acehnese speakers? Another question is, whydo? This project is independent...and you may block the images from acewiki. --[[Ureuëng Nguy:Juhko|Juhko]] <small>([[Marit Ureuëng Nguy:Juhko|talk]] | [[Kusuih:Peuneugot ureueng nguy/Juhko|contribs]])</small> 17:44, 28 Buleuën Tujôh 2010 (UTC)