Bergabung 14 Buleuen Sikureueng 2009
sectioning, bad image list info
(some remarking, etc...)
(sectioning, bad image list info)
== Sample template for main page: ==
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== Sample protest template for user and talk pages: ==
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| align="center" | '''I object to the inclusions of insulting pictures of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Wikimedia projects. <br />Please join me at [[:meta:Requests for comment/Prophet Muhammad images around Wikimedia projects|this comment request]] and support our position!'''
== Bad image list information ==
Bad image list at ar.wikipedia: [[:ar:ميدياويكي:Bad_image_list]], should be copied to [[mediawiki:Bad_image_list]] (admins ''may'' wish to review the images first.)
<!-- Below is my attempt at boilerplate. No wonder I never finished the paralegal course... -->